Musician Line Up


Blake Miller

Blake Miller is a singer/songwriter from Columbus, Ohio.


Lily Bloom

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Raised on the soulful voices of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, Lily Bloom immersed herself in the emotional music of the blues at a young age. Drawing from these influences of blues and jazz as well as good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, Americana, and hip hop, she has cultivated her own performance and writing style. With honest and vulnerable original music, she delivers heartfelt performances that are marked by soulful vocals, unique instrumentation including the harp, a tight rhythm section, and vibrant horns.



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After drawing comparisons to bands like Sonic Youth, Metalocalypse, The Dead Kennedys, black midi, and Limp Bizkit, Wasp Factory isn’t too sure what to call themselves anymore. Too young for grunge & too old for indie rock, the four jaded twenty-something irony punk stars of the Midwest have been posting and zig-zagging their own noisy and erratic path through the DIY venues of Ohio since their humble beginnings in a basement in 2018..


Ebri Yahloe

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Ebri Yahloe is a hip hop artist, author, and owner of Education with Ebri, a non-profit organization on a love-mission, spreading love, joy and hip-hop. She plans to help push our community forward through random acts of kindness and community service. She uses some of her music as a tool to help her people succeed.


son of dribble

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Started as a home-recording project in 2015 and evolving into a ramshackle entertainment gang of sorts, Son of Dribble have released an LP and two cassettes on the world of birds imprint. currently working on a new record and heading in the direction of never knowingness.


alpha buddha


Alpha Buddha is the official band of combat sports.


sam rothstein




Paper Airplane

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There’s a saying in Ohio: If you don’t like the weather just wait a couple minutes and it’ll change. Likewise, garage pop band PAPER AIRPLANE set its path on creating powerfully melodic, lyrical and vocal-based rock ‘n roll with unexpected changes. Gentle indie pop often heads into something more experimental and rough – sometimes within the same song. The point of the band is focused on the craft of song-writing. PAPER AIRPLANE was on the rise in the early 2000s, until the Great Recession put everything on hold for almost a decade. However, veteran singer-songwriter Ryan Horns (Paper Airplane/The Last Hotel/Japanese B-sides) returned in 2018 with the double-album “Othello” (Scioto Records), a new line-up, and a renewed dedication to music. With soaring vocals, charming performances, and diverse arrangements, the band modernizes the melodic mod-rock culture of the 1960s into something all its own. Horns is joined by co-founder Antonio Garza (drums), John Fitzgerald (bass), Keith Jenkins (lead guitar) and Rob Cave (keys). A longtime breaking news, community and crime journalist, Horns opens up a lyrical world of suburban intrigue, often based upon experiences and stories profiled over his award-winning career. “Characters … wander the streets in horror and learn how to dance beyond white-picket fences. They lie naked and look for answers. They are linked only by their flawed yet relatable humanity,” Columbus Alive writes. “Each song is a snapshot, and the band will have you peering into a life you’ve never wondered about otherwise.” Paper Airplane has released four LPs, including “Middlemarch” (All Hail Records, 2007), “White Elephants” (Self-released, 2009) and “Who You Know” (We Want Action, 2010) before the Great Recession hit Ohio hard and band members dispersed fro Ohio. The band returned in 2018 and released its double-album “OTHELLO” in 2019 (Scioto Records). Once topping the college radio charts across the United States and Canada, Paper Airplane was a featured band on the influential Nic Harcourt’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” and other KCRW shows. The group’s music was often used by clothing companies and appeared on MTV shows. Paper Airplane has supported such national artists as The Walkmen, Rogue Wave, The National, Richard Swift, The Black Crowes, the legendary Dick Dale, and more. The band frequented festivals such as Forecastle, Midpoint Music, NXNW, CMJ New York, NAMM New York, Midwest Music Summit Nashville and many more. “They are quirky and hard to pin down,” Cincinnati critic Kari Wethington wrote. “Too sweet to be punk rock, too earnest to be indie rock, too loud to be folk.”


OG Vern

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OG VERN from Columbus, OH via Akron. Providing high energy raps since 2015 around Ohio performing at small shows and festivals. You may have heard songs like Man in The City, Immortal or DisAintDat if you ever came across the name before. At shows he yells “ragers up front” and that always means things are about to get wild.


Mery Steel

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After riding a ten-year train of monogamous, cohabiting romantic relationships, Mery Steel needed a way to navigate the freedom and uncertainty of single life. With her band (the Soft Adults) she hashes and rehashes her thoughts and feelings about friendship, loss and modern romance through songs written in frank and loving terms. With one eye on toxic intimacy, Mery Steel exalts lust, releases shame and celebrates growth through self-love.



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Since 2016, Mungbean has been recording music, playing shows, and building a following from their home base in Columbus, Ohio. The band has remained self recorded, produced and managed since their inception, successfully releasing four short EPs and booking numerous tours, festivals, and showcases of a wide variety. As of this year, the band has finished their first full length album and are making preparations to release it in Fall 2020.


JOEY AICH – @JoeyAich4
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Joey Aich is a hip-hop artist based in Columbus, OH. Starting with his breakout single ‘Rope Break’ in 2017, Joey sketched a distinct blend of backpack and jazz rap that he would go on to refine with his debut album, If Money Grew On Trees. The project landed him spots on Spotify’s Mind Right and Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji playlists as well a performance at Breakaway Music Festival. His most recent project “Open Treehouse” was released on June 18, 2020. 💫